Police Department
Chief Kevin Lamberson

Chief Kevin Lamberson

The mission of the New Sharon Police Department is to work in partnership with the citizens of the community to improve the overall quality of life. The New Sharon Police Department believes that working through open communication with the citizens of this community will make it a great place to live and visit.


Police Reports

Police Report16-Mar-2021 to 2-Apr-2021Download
Police Report02-Mar-2021 to 15-Mar-2021Download
Police Report13-Feb-2021 to 01-Mar-2021Download
Police Report02-Feb-2021 to 12-Feb-2021Download
Police Report19-Jan-2021 to 01-Feb-2021Download
Police Report05-Jan-2021 to 18-Jan-2021Download
Police Report18-Nov-2020 to 29-Nov-2020Download
Police Report03-Nov-2020 to 17-Nov-2020Download
Police Report18-Oct-2020 to 02-Nov-2020Download
Police Report06-Oct-2020 to 17-Oct-2020Download
Police Report15-Sep-2020 to 05-Oct-2020Download
Police Report01-Sep-2020 to 14-Sep-2020Download
Police Report08-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020Download
Police Report05-Aug-2020 to 17-Aug-2020Download
Police Report30-Jun-2020 to 12-Jul-2020Download
Police Report16-Jun-2020 to 29-Jun-2020Download
Police Report29-May-2020 to 15-Jun-2020Download
Police Report20-May-2020 to 29-May-2020Download
Police Report06-May-2020 to 19-May-2020Download
Police Report16-Apr-2020 to 05-May-2020Download
Police Report29-Mar-2020 to 15-Apr-2020Download
Police Report18-Mar-2020 to 28-Mar-2020Download
Police Report03-Mar-2020 to 17-Mar-2020Download
Police Report18-Feb-2020 to 02-Mar-2020Download
Police Report04-Feb-2020 to 17-Feb-2020Download
Police Report16-Jan-2020 to 03-Feb-2020Download
Police Report31-Dec-2019 to 14-Jan-2020Download
Police Report16-Dec-2019 to 30-Dec-2019Download
Police Report02-Dec-2019 to 15-Dec-2019Download
Police Report19-Nov-2019 to 01-Dec-2019Download
Police Report05-Nov-2019 to 18-Nov-2019Download
Police Report17-Oct-2019 to 04-Nov-2019Download
Police Report18-Sep-2019 to 30-Sep-2019Download
Police Report02-Sep-2019 to 17-Sep-2019Download
Police Report18-Aug-2019 to 03-Sep-2019Download
Police Report04-Aug-2019 to 17-Aug-2019Download
Police Report15-Jul-2019 to 02-Aug-2019Download
Police Report03-Jul-2019 to 12-Jul-2019Download
Police Report18-Jun-2019 to 03-Jul-2019Download
Police Report04-Jun-2019 to 17-Jun-2019Download
Police Report11-May-2019 to 03-Jun-2019Download
Police Report30-Apr-2019 to 10-May-2019Download
Police Report16-Apr-2019 to 29-Apr-2019Download
Police Report03-Apr-2019 to 15-Apr-2019Download
Police Report18-Mar-2019 to 28-Mar-2019Download
Police Report04-Mar-2019 to 16-Mar-2019Download
Police Report20-Feb-2019 to 03-Mar-2019Download
Police Report02-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019Download
Police Report14-Jan-2019 to 31-Jan-2019Download
Police Report01-Jan-2019 to 13-Jan-2019Download
Police Report18-Dec-2018 to 28-Dec-2018Download
Police Report06-Dec-2018 to 17-Dec-2018Download
Police Report17-Nov-2018 to 05-Dec-2018Download
Police Report05-Nov-2018 to 17-Nov-2018Download
Police Report15-Oct-2018 to 04-Nov-2018Download
Police Report02-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018Download
Police Report18-Sep-2018 to 01-Oct-2018Download
Police Report04-Sep-2018 to 17-Sep-2018Download
Police Report15-Aug-2018 to 03-Sep-2018Download
Police Report01-Aug-2018 to 08-Aug-2018Download
Police Report17-Jul-2018 to 30-Jul-2018Download
Police Report07-Jul-2018 to 16-Jul-2018Download
Police Report18-Jun-2018 to 08-Jul-2018Download
Police Report06-Jun-2018 to 16-Jun-2018Download
Police Report16-May-2018 to 04-Jun-2018Download
Police Report05-May-2018 to 15-May-2018Download
Police Report16-Apr-2018 to 02-May-2018Download
Police Report23-Mar-2018 to 04-Apr-2018Download
Police Report09-Mar-2018 to 19-Mar-2018Download
Police Report21-Feb-2018 to 06-Mar-2018Download
Police Report09-Dec-2017 to 18-Dec-2017Download
Police Report14-Nov-2017 to 06-Dec-2017Download
Police Report01-Nov-2017 to 13-Nov-2017Download
Police Report17-Oct-2017 to 31-Oct-2017Download
Police Report04-Oct-2017 to 16-Oct-2017Download
Police Report19-Sep-2017 to 03-Oct-2017Download